Omaha Track Equipment Expands with New Railroad Upfitting Facility in Kansas City

Omaha Track Equipment (OTE), a subsidiary of Omaha Track, Inc., proudly announces the opening of its new facility at 5900 E. Front Street in Kansas City, Mo. OTE specializes in customizing vehicles and equipment for the railroad industry, enabling them to operate on both roads and railway tracks (hi-rail), thus enhancing efficiency and safety while reducing maintenance costs.

This strategic move signifies a significant step forward for the company. Leveraging Kansas City’s central location, OTE is poised to meet the increasing nationwide demand for top-quality hi-rail units. With 26,000 square feet of dedicated shop space, OTE is well-equipped to cater to customers’ needs across the region and beyond.

“As a team, we have decades of experience in the rail sector, enabling us to understand and address our customers’ needs effectively. Our goal is to establish Omaha Track Equipment as a leading railroad upfitting facility in the country, and the opening of this new facility brings us closer to achieving that objective,” said Bryan Boehm, President of Omaha Track Equipment.

OTE offers a wide range of customized equipment essential for railroad construction and maintenance. From hi-rail trucks to knucklebooms and material handlers, OTE provides solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of its customers. Additionally, OTE offers sales and rentals of new and used units designed according to customer specifications.

In addition to driving business growth, the new facility creates employment opportunities for skilled workers within the local community. OTE is actively seeking mechanical engineers, vehicle mechanics, technicians, quality control personnel, and parts specialists with mechanical aptitude, including welding and schematic reading skills. Previous experience in heavy equipment, engines, and railroad operations is advantageous.

“We are committed to fostering a culture of employee success, where individuals are empowered to grow both personally and professionally. Join us at Omaha Track Equipment and be part of our journey towards enhancing railroad efficiency and safety,” added Boehm.

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Iron Junction’s Safe Driver Program: April 2024 Update

Iron Junction’s Safe Driver Program: April 2024 Update

Iron Junction’s third month under the Safe Driver program has brought some unexpected yet promising results. For the first time, the safest driver’s score fell below the 90-point range. However, the average driver safety score increased by 8 points, reaching 86. Just two months ago, the difference between our top and bottom drivers was 52 points. Today, we have reduced that gap to 9 points, highlighting the concerted efforts of every driver to improve their safety focus. We couldn’t be prouder of our team’s commitment.

Celebrating Our Safe Driver of the Month: Annie Deaver

Annie Deaver

Iron Junction is thrilled to announce that Annie Deaver has been selected as the IJL Safe Driver for April 2024. Annie achieved a driver safety score of 89 out of 100. Over the month, she drove for 119.5 hours and traveled 6,449 miles, expertly handling both flatbed loads and equipment hauls. We hope everyone will join us in recognizing and celebrating Annie’s remarkable achievement.

Addressing Speeding: Our Greatest Risk Factor

While we saw an 18% reduction in speeding this month, it remains a significant risk factor, holding back our overall score by 12.9 points. To help our team stay focused on the road and reduce speeding incidents, we have introduced the speed alerting feature. This tool aims to assist drivers in maintaining safe speeds without the constant worry of missing a speed limit sign.

However, there is only so much leadership can do. We want to remind everyone that safety should always be the top priority. If there is ever any doubt, drivers are required to take the safest course of action and, if necessary, stop the job to regroup and rebrief. No load, delivery/pickup window, or task is so important that it can compromise the safety of ourselves, our team, our customers, and the public.

At Iron Junction, we remain dedicated to fostering a culture of safety and continuous improvement. Let’s keep up the great work and strive for even higher safety standards in the coming months.

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About the Iron Junction Safe Driver Program Overview

The Iron Junction Safe Driver Program recognizes the safest driver each month from January through May and July through November. June and December are dedicated to honoring the driver with the most improved and sustained safety metrics over the previous six months.

How the Safe Driver is Selected

The Safe Driver selection is determined through a comprehensive driver safety metric system, currently utilizing Samsara Fleet Software. This software monitors various aspects of driver behavior, including:

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Excessive acceleration
  • Hard braking
  • Following distance
  • Hard corners
  • Speed

Key Focus Areas: Speed and Following Distance

Two of the most crucial factors that professional drivers can control are speed and following distance. Focusing on these areas significantly reduces Human Factor Incidents (HFI). HFIs have a direct impact on our Safer Score, insurance premiums, and are critical to maintaining the trust and satisfaction of our customers.

By prioritizing safety and continually improving our driving practices, Iron Junction remains committed to excellence and the well-being of our team and those we serve.

Celebrating Excellence: Spokane, Spangle, and Paulose Railway’s May Crew of the Month

In the world of railway operations, where safety and efficiency are key, there exists a team that stands out amidst the tracks. The Spokane, Spangle, and Paulose Railway (SS&P) crew has recently been awarded the prestigious title of May Crew of the Month, and rightfully so. Their exceptional achievements, dedication, and unwavering commitment have earned them this well-deserved honor.

Jim Soulia, VP of Operations – West Region Facilities, expressed his admiration for the SS&P Crew, particularly highlighting their commitment to safety. With a flawless safety record spanning over four years, the team’s devotion to ensuring the well-being of both their co-workers and the communities they serve is unparalleled.

“Safety is at the heart of everything the team does on the SS&P Railway,” Soulia remarked. “Their dedication and teamwork not only reflect in their daily operations but also in their impact on the multiple communities they serve.”

The responsibilities shouldered by the SS&P Crew are as diverse as they are crucial. From meticulous track inspections to the transportation of vital commodities like the nation’s wheat and chemical supplies, every task is approached with a sense of pride and safety. Their contributions play a vital role in sustaining the region’s economy and maintaining essential supply chains.

The May Crew of the Month award is not just a recognition of the SS&P Crew’s past accomplishments, but a testament to their ongoing dedication and commitment to excellence. As they continue to navigate the rails, we have every confidence that they will continue to set the bar high and inspire others to follow in their footsteps. Congratulations to the outstanding team at the Spokane, Spangle, and Paulose Railway.


Left to right Bill Wolff, Roadmaster, Tony Meadows, Engineer/Conductor, Todd Babington, MTO Engineer/Conductor, Brett Hackworth, Track Laborer, Joe Hills, Operator/Track Inspector, Coleson Nord, Track Laborer