The Facilities division of Omaha Track was launched in 2009 when the first transloading facility was operational in Omaha, NE.  In the past four years, we have expanded our services to develop, design and build multi-purpose, rail-served industrial parks.  We currently operate four facilities located in Omaha, Nebraska, Salt Lake City, Utah Pond Creek, Oklahoma, and Eaton, CO.


In addition to our multi-purpose, rail-served industrial parks, we operate two grinding facilities located in LaCrosse and Superior, Wisconsin where we process scrap railroad ties and other railroad material into chips for co-generation fuel.  Both facilities are served by CN, CP, BN, and UP.


Our RibbonWeld Flash-Butt Fixed Welding Plant in Springfield, Missouri began operations in 2002 to meet the rail welding needs of BNSF Railway.   Services provided for BNSF include the welding of rail into CWR.  RibbonWeld provides on time service for the BNSF and has the capacity to weld CWR at the Springfield plant for contractors and other railroad customers.  Also available at the plant site is rail storage and rail trains.