In the world of railway operations, where safety and efficiency are key, there exists a team that stands out amidst the tracks. The Spokane, Spangle, and Paulose Railway (SS&P) crew has recently been awarded the prestigious title of May Crew of the Month, and rightfully so. Their exceptional achievements, dedication, and unwavering commitment have earned them this well-deserved honor.

Jim Soulia, VP of Operations – West Region Facilities, expressed his admiration for the SS&P Crew, particularly highlighting their commitment to safety. With a flawless safety record spanning over four years, the team’s devotion to ensuring the well-being of both their co-workers and the communities they serve is unparalleled.

“Safety is at the heart of everything the team does on the SS&P Railway,” Soulia remarked. “Their dedication and teamwork not only reflect in their daily operations but also in their impact on the multiple communities they serve.”

The responsibilities shouldered by the SS&P Crew are as diverse as they are crucial. From meticulous track inspections to the transportation of vital commodities like the nation’s wheat and chemical supplies, every task is approached with a sense of pride and safety. Their contributions play a vital role in sustaining the region’s economy and maintaining essential supply chains.

The May Crew of the Month award is not just a recognition of the SS&P Crew’s past accomplishments, but a testament to their ongoing dedication and commitment to excellence. As they continue to navigate the rails, we have every confidence that they will continue to set the bar high and inspire others to follow in their footsteps. Congratulations to the outstanding team at the Spokane, Spangle, and Paulose Railway.


Left to right Bill Wolff, Roadmaster, Tony Meadows, Engineer/Conductor, Todd Babington, MTO Engineer/Conductor, Brett Hackworth, Track Laborer, Joe Hills, Operator/Track Inspector, Coleson Nord, Track Laborer