Omaha Track is a leading provider of co-generation fuel solutions, operating three state-of-the-art grinding facilities in LaCrosse, WI, Superior, WI, and Pueblo, CO. Our facilities specialize in the processing of scrap railway ties and other railway material into chips, providing an environmentally responsible solution for the disposal of railway waste.

Our facilities are served by some of the leading railway companies in the country, including CN, CP, BN, and Union Pacific, making it easy for us to access the scrap materials we need to produce high-quality co-generation fuel. We offer our clients the flexibility to load change-out ties either on track or stockpiled anywhere in the country, allowing us to provide a streamlined and cost-effective solution for the disposal of their railway waste.

With a capacity to process up to four million ties per year, our Superior, WI facility is one of the largest and most advanced of its kind. We utilize cutting-edge technology and expertise to produce the highest quality co-generation fuel, while adhering to strict environmental standards to minimize our impact on the environment.

At Omaha Track, we are committed to providing the best possible solution for the disposal of railway waste, while promoting a sustainable future for our planet.

Contact Info

Lisa Roberts – Chief Growth Officer

LaCrosse Yard

505 Bainbridge St.
LaCrosse, WI 54603

Superior Yard

3185 County Road A
Superior, WI 54880

Pueblo Yard

3201 Lime Road
Pueblo, CO 84001