Rail Change Out

Omaha Track has field crews experienced and available to work behind both Short Line and Class 1 railroad gangs to pick up and loadout change out ties and steel. These crews have the right knowledge and equipment to work in Class 1, Regional and Short Line railroad environments. They are available for any size project and have access to a large fleet of on-track and off-track equipment to keep the project on schedule.

Abandoned Track Removal

Omaha Track has mobile crews located throughout the United States available to remove abandoned tracks. We will buy and remove any size project anywhere in the United States. Our resources include experienced management and crews, insurance and capital for purchasing and bonding any project. We have a large fleet of equipment operated by experienced and safety trained crews. They have the right knowledge and equipment to work in Class 1, Regional and Short line Railroad environments to get the job done safely and on time.

Shortline Services

Omaha Track offers the Short Line Railroad industry unique opportunities to acquire materials for maintenance or upgrade of your railroad.  Our expert sales, consulting and finance personnel will take special interest in your needs and help you work towards achieving greater operating efficiencies.  We maintain a large inventory of relay track materials including all sizes of relay rail and accessories (tie plates, joint bars, anchors, turnouts, etc.), as well as relay crossties, relay switch tie sets, bridge ties, bridge timbers and other work products from many project locations all over the United States.  Our large volume sales of scrap and reroll materials enable us to offer you top dollar for your old material.

Omaha Track is also an operator and buyer of operating short line properties.  We are always looking for new expansion opportunities.