Omaha Track receives over 200,000 tons of creosote treated railroad ties (CTRT) annually.

We process CTRTs into a chipped form to create an alternative fuel product called OT Biomass. This final size of the CTRT chips is adjusted according to the needs of the end user. This product can be preblended or comingled with primary, post-industrial and other alternative fuels.

As transportation professionals, we provide a full and certifiable chain-of-custody logistics solution from railroad property to production terminal to your boiler or kiln.

Boiler and kiln-based clients are embracing a shift away from fossil fuels and toward lower emissions. OT Biomass is a custom engineered replacement or supplement for fossil fuels as well as less attractive alternative fuels.


  • Sustainable Supply: CTRT purchases have increased since the 1980s and will provide a consistent supply of fuel for decades to come. (see figure 1)
  • Regulations: EPA Categorical non-Waste fuel
  • Emissions: Yields a measurable decrease in NOx, SOx, VOC, Chlorine, and Mercury vs. most coals.
  • Heat Value: Low-moisture product with quantifiably higher BTU than woody biomass and comparable BTU to many coal sources.
  • Environmental value: Considered a renewable fuel, OT Biomass achieves zero CO2 intensity, based on carbon intensity calculation.