Omaha Track, formerly doing business as The Tie Yard of Omaha, has historically been the largest used railroad tie processor and supplier company in North America.   We annually handle and process over 2,000,000 ties and our business continues to grow as we expand our operations throughout the United States.

Sales of relay crossties, relay switchtie sets, landscape ties, bridge ties, bridge timbers and other wood products are generated from our numerous project sites across the United States.

Omaha Track is a wholesale supplier dealing in truckload quantities only.


Crosstie Fuel Processing Services

Omaha Track operates facilities in LaCrosse and Superior, Wisconsin for processing scrap railroad ties and other wood railroad materials into chips for co-generation fuel. Both facilities are served by CN, BN, CP and UP. Omaha Track can load change-out ties either on track, or stockpiled anywhere in the country, for shipment to these facilities for processing and co-generation fuel.

Crosstie Fuel Processing Services

Lisa Roberts – Director, Business Development & Marketing