New Rail & OTM all sizes for all applications
Relay Rail various sizes from 85# to 141# for relay purposes
Relay OTM various sizes of tie plates, joint bars, anchors, etc. to go with relay rail or as a separate item
Reroll Rail graded for rerolling use to mill specifications
Piling Rail 5 ½” Base and 6” Base sized for driving piling use for sound structural support
Scrap Rail, Railcrops & OTM 2’ crops, 4’ crops, and scrap OTM
New and Reconditioned Turnout Material various sizes of frogs, switch points, switch stands and other switch material
New Crossties all grades for every application
Relay Crossties quality crossties for reuse in operating railroad tracks
Bridge Ties & Timbers used in maintenance and construction of bridge infrastructures
Landscape Crossties various grades for all types of construction projects including retaining walls


Ian Rauch – Relay Track Material and Steel or 402-505-9304