RibbonWeld has designed the latest in control technology to control the welder and puller while being applied to welding conditions. We have designed and built a truck that will transport the welder and puller. This package is complete and can work in any terrain or environment. We have also designed and built base grinders and other grinders to support the welding operation.

Mobile-Welder  on-track-welder


Below is RibbonWeld’s latest build and design for the welding needs for building rail yards.

It is 316 EL Caterpillar hydraulic excavator, equipped with a C 9 300 kw generator, rubber pads to prevent damage to rail or road. Rail boom and rail stick are remote from the welder to enhance safety and production. It will carry the welder as well as the puller, this makes the unit totally self-contained for working in any environment or terrain. It is equipped with hi-rail equipment that will allow the machine to travel at speeds up to 20 MPH.